Wild Herring in Charapita Wine Sauce

Wild Herring in Charapita Wine Sauce

Delicious German/Peruvian appetizer fusion:

 What we need for 8 servings:
- 32 oz Wild Herring in Wine Sauce or Wine Vinegar

- 1-2 oz of Charapita Mango/Pineapple Hot Sauce (as per your taste)
- 8 pc Fresh Charapita (optional)


How we prepare it:

- Put the Herring in a big bowl

- mix into the Herring about 1 - 2 oz Charapita Mango/Pineapple Hot Sauce (or more or less, more Pepper Sauce - more spicier)

- cover the bowl and let it rets in the refrigerator for a couple hours so that the Charapita flavor is in the herring - Serve it in small bowls and decorate it with one fresh Charapita Pepper

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