Charapita Peppers the Immunity booster?

Charapita Peppers the Immunity booster?

What we know is, is that most valuable characteristic of chili peppers as #AjiCharapita is the compound capsaicin which Fights Fungal Infections, Colds and the Flu.

The chili peppers is rich in beta-carotene or pro-vitamin A. Vitamin A is key in maintaining a healthy respiratory, intestinal, and urinary system. Also, vitamin A and vitamin C in the chili peppers are vital in building up your immunity against infections and illnesses.

If you suffer from congestion or allergies, a capsaicin nasal spray can help relieve your symptoms. Moreover, capsaicin has a number of antibacterial properties that can fight chronic sinus infections.

If you are suffering from a high fever, hot chili peppers can not only relieve the pain, but they can also stimulate the immune system to fight off the virus.

Chili peppers can also be used for their anti-fungal properties. Specifically, it can kill food pathogens, bacteria like H. pylori and cure a number of inflammatory bowel diseases.

The vitamin A in chili peppers is important to building a strong immune system. One tablespoon of chili pepper in your diet contains 9% of your daily recommended need of vitamin A.

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