Fear The Carolina Reaper

Fear The Carolina Reaper

The Story Of The World’s Hottest Pepper

When it comes to the world’s hottest peppers, it’s all about the Carolina Reaper…then everything else. Red and gnarled with a small pointed tail, the pepper has held the Guinness World Record as the hottest chili on earth since 2013.

One man can take credit for its existence: “Smokin” Ed Currie. Now somewhat of a legend (at least, in the hot-pepper circuit), Currie crossbreeds various peppers, in hopes of attaining new flavors and heat levels. In the case of the #CarolinaReaper, the mixture consists of a #ghostpepper and a red habanero. On average, the pepper measures a scorching 1,569,300 Scoville Heat Units, though the hottest individual pepper hit 2.2 million SHUs.

For comparison’s sake, an average jalapeño registers around 2,500 SHUs, while our #ajicharapita comes in at around 50,000 SHU and a #GhostPepper with 1,100,000 SHU

CharapitaFarms has combined the rarest, most expensive and hottest peppers in the world to an unbelievable tasty and spicy hotsauce.

This sauce is Charapita Farms "No.5", the most likely best hotsauce in the world.
We called it "No.5" because it is a carefully balanced sauce made from 5 peppers:
Aji Charapita, Aji Limo, Scotch Bonnet, Ghost Pepper and Carolina Reaper!

Available as pure Pepper Sauce and as Sofrito based Hot Sauce

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